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Good Morning World.


It’s Friday and another weekend is here again, good people.

How has your week been? I hope it’s been a great one. Or perhaps, it’s not so good. Well, like I always say, life is a roller coaster and everyone gets a fair share of everything in life. When it rains, it falls on every roof. Such is life. There is fire in every household but the only thing that’s different is the smoke. Every one faces one form of challenges. The difference might be the magnitude and the frequency of these unpleasant occurrences. Continue reading

Weekend Giggles…!




Whoop, Whoop, it’s another FRIDAY and the beginning of another weekend.

Oh yes, someone ought to be happy today because it’s time to take a break from work and be merry.

So what are your plans for the weekend?

Any weddings, birthdays or graduation party to attend?

Or your only plan is to lounge and laze on the couch in the comfort of your home?

That’s fine.

Whatever you have to do this weekend, do it well and do it with a positive disposition.

Life is sweet.

Live life with a happy cheer and enjoy the moments you share with your loved ones this weekend.


Things can only get better so stay hopeful.


Have a great start to the weekend. 


From my heart to yours:


Stay blessed. 


PS: I saw the above ‘Friday lines’ at the passenger’s lounge of the Schiphol Airport, Amsterdam, and couldn’t resist a shot… 🙂


Peace and Love!

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Weekend Giggles!

It’s a beautiful Saturday morning.

I woke up a little bit early today because I wanted to watch the sunrise and listen to the tranquil and peace of a new dawn. It was angelic peace. Absolute serenity saves for the beating of my heart.

That moment gave me an opportunity to wander away with my inner thoughts.

Be a doer of the good thoughts that flow within your spirit and move forward every day as you take a plunge into your set goals.  Just Do It. August is here and speeding very fast already.

And for those who just sit down and mull over how to take a step in their choices, hey friend, stop pondering. Stop wasting precious time. I want to challenge you to put on the armour of pragmatism and begin action on that project that you have locked up only in your mind.

I encourage US today to face our fears and take action.

So, what are you up to this Saturday?

It’s been a lovely weather here since this summer and the beach has enjoyed some good friendship with beach lovers. So, think about some good times at the beach and lounge yourself in the serene atmosphere in nature.

Better still, how about connecting and reconnecting with family and loved ones this weekend.

I tell you, sometimes the details of a friendship need not be expressed in words. Suffice it with visits, sweet gifts and souvenirs – it makes for a great friendship. It’s always good to keep in close contact with your friends and family wherever they are. Pay them a visit when time permits. Make out time for them.

Thank God for the internet, talk has become so cheap. So no more excuses why you couldn’t make that call to that special person. Or why you couldn’t stay connected to those people who make your heart tickle.

Ensure that you leave a trail behind amongst your friends and those that cross your path. I mean, leave a good trail behind wherever you go. Who knows, one day, you might need to get back to those trails. Got it?

Enjoy the rest of the weekend as I plan to do.

Take good care.


Wishing you all a wonderful weekend.


Peace and Love!

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Good Morning World!

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Coffee first, to kickstart the morning and the hope of a great weekend? Does it sound like you?

What are your plans this weekend?

For me, it’s a day to stay indoors in spite of the sunshine outside. I’ve got to tidy the house and do my laundry. So it’s house cleaning day for me. Haha.

We’ve been having a glowing party here with the sun. We had a beautiful weather in the month of May and I hope June stays that way too. So, welcome to the summer months going forward… 🙂

Hope you will catch some fun this weekend and remain bubbly no matter the ugly sides of life.

Enjoy a cozy weekend, everyone.


Peace and Love!

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