Tuesday Photo Challenge – Mirror!

This challenge is about mirrors! I have tried to showcase mirror literally using different shades, through reflections from the mirrors to the stillness of the water and even in buildings with glass facades.


*Somewhere in the beautiful country of Sweden. Love the hue and reflections in the water*

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Weekly Photo Challenge – Chaos!

This week, Ben Huberman asked us to embrace disorder and its creative power. “Share your own take on chaos, whether it’s the mess in your living room, a busy street crossing, a party on the verge of getting a little out of hand, or any other subject that celebrates a lack of (visual) control.” Continue reading

Weekly Photo Challenge – H2O

Water is everywhere, literally.  It is a chemical with the chemical formula, H20. Water is the most abundant molecule on Earth. Approximately 70% of the Earth’s surface is water. Water is also the only substance on Earth which naturally occurs in a solid, liquid and gas form.

If there is magic on this planet, it is contained in water. – Loren Eiseley

Water is the driving force in nature. – Leonardo da Vinci

For this weeks challenge, WP Guest host Lignum Draco, asks us to experiment with water. I dug into my archive and found these beautiful pictures of the sea.



*During my vacation in Spain in 2014*

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The Daily Prompt – Tree!

Trees can be fascinating especially those we see around us that are planted in the neighbourhood to beautify the environment.

However, some trees are just spectacular because of their features. Some look very spooky and fearful while others are simply mysterious and appear sinister. Continue reading

Weekly Photo Challenge – Frame!

We frame what we see through our lens. And it tends to be a process, whether you use the golden ratio, the rule of thirds, or just aim for the right balance.

But what about how the world frames itself?

This week, I’d love for you to look at things a bit differently. Use your surroundings to capture a different point of view. Whether it’s through an actual picture frame, a few stalks of grass, or even the spokes of a bicycle tire, find an alternative frame to the world around you and share what you see – Nancy Thanki.

Frame pix 12

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