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Because It’s A New Year!

In this new year, it is pertinent to look at the past year (s) goals and assess the areas we did not record any appreciable level of success, while there is the need to adopt new measures to tackle them this year.

I welcome everyone to 2018 and hope we’d tell our unique stories and make a good success from it.

Because it’s a new year… Continue reading

A Word Of Advice To The Young Teenager…

There was a Youth Seminar in our church on Saturday and the question was posed to the audience – If you are given a few minutes to advise young teenagers across the world, what would you say to them?

At that time, I had only a few words in my mind to say to them. But reflecting on this question later on at home, I began to think deeply what I should rather be telling them. And I scribbled down some lines. And here’s an excerpt.  Continue reading

A Spark Of Hope…

Slowly, the months of the year

are turning off their lights

extinguishing their flames

but don’t you shudder in fear

or feel left behind

Never late to fan the embers again

For what got missing yesterday

can be replenished today

Have a spark of hope within you

For dawn will come with a ray of sunshine

So wear your sandals of optimism

and stand firm with your goals

Let the flame in you

the burning passion within your soul

continue to rekindle your neurones

that your lofty dreams will sparkle with gusto

Before the sun creeps over the horizon



Peace and Love!

Copyright © 2017 by Simpledimple.  All Rights Reserved.

If You Have Woken Up…

If you are reading this
Then it means one thing
You have woken up and you ARE ALIVE
It means another thing
You have a new springboard
It means yet another thing
You have a new opportunity
It means something else
You have woken up to find a solution
It means yet a different thing
That you’ve been given the freedom
To move forward
To move up and down
To move in any direction you so desire
To jump out of the box if need be
And to find solutions to the throbbing questions
And puzzles struggling in your powerful brain
Finally, Brethren if you are reading this
Stretch your mental alertness
Flush out the mental junks and rots from your mind
And begin to write new lines of thoughts
Of hope. Of strength. Of exploits
And explore brand new concepts
Wake up and be optimistic about your future
If you are reading this
You have woken up and you ARE ALIVE


Peace and Love!

Copyright © 2017 by Simpledimple.  All Rights Reserved.