A Poem Written For Me…!

This poem was written on my birthday (September 9) by one of my Facebook friends. I decided to post it here today. 🙂


Stroll through her timeline
You are sure there to find 
accolades that blow the mind 
For lots and lots have been said 
That it seems needless to say mine
But No, this day has the Lord made
And I’m so rejoicing along with her
For having travelled down thus far. Continue reading


I woke up this morning feeling very thankful.

No, I didn’t win a lotto. I am grateful because I could open my eyes and rise up from my bed.

I am grateful that I could make myself a cup of tea – a hot cup of tea keep me sane on a cold Sunday morning.

I am grateful because it’s a beautiful day.   Though, there is no sign of the sun or any forcaste that we will enjoy its luminosity today,  yet, this morning chilly tiny drizzles tell me that Mother Nature is fair in its ways to humanity.

I am grateful because I am filled with positive emotions this morning. A sign that things can only get better in life.

I am grateful because each morning brings a new freshness in my thoughts and in my actions.

So what are you thankful for?

What is on your gratitude list today?

Perhaps, you are religiously inclined. Perhaps you are on your way to church or to your place of worship, or you are in the comfort of your home ruminating about life, I urge you to develop an attitude of gratitude.

Appreciate God for a new day. Saying ‘Thank You’ is the best way to attract more into your life.

Here is my morning wishes to you – May you have the brightest day in which ever geographical space you live in.  And even if you do not have the slightest clue how your day will be, just have a positive attitude and feel happy.

Enjoy your day with a thankful heart.

Peace and love. 🙂