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Sunday Giggles!

I will quickly drop this here…!!!

I just got a text message from a friend telling me she couldn’t sleep because she’s been feeling very sad lately. She has been whining all morning, feeling a nauseating pain, not physical but emotional. That’s quite sad! Continue reading

The Daily Prompt – Yarn!

I am just not good at yarning with threads or sewing of any kind. But I do like a well knitted sweater or a beautiful embroidery and well sewn attire.

However, if you ask me to yarn you a story, hmmn, just be ready to laugh and forget your problems for a moment, that is, if you have any problems at all. Continue reading

Good Morning Giggles!

Hello Friends,

It’s weekend once again, let’s have a good start to it and stay giggling, smiling and happy. Be a part of the fun-train this weekend on WP:  Be a participant and not just an observer.   Continue reading

The Daily Prompt – Juicy!

For a good healthy living, it is advised by health specialists to consume fruits daily for their health values and benefits. Fruits are a natural source of nutrients. For example, Orange juice is very rich in vitamin C and folic acid and these are antioxidants. Continue reading