The Daily Prompt – Agile!

At 90 years, Grandpa was still physically strong and mentally agile. Oh yes, He was remarkably agile and graceful in his movements. He could still climb the staircase without difficulties.

It was simply amazing to watch him age gracefully. Continue reading

Weekly Photo Challenge – Weathered!

“How will you interpret weathered? Will you capture a lined, smiling face as you practice street photography? A piece of beach glass worn smooth by the waves? A snow-covered path carved by the wind?

This week, show us the effect of time and the elements. Capture something that is old and weathered. Something that evokes different eras in time, a reminder that there’s beauty to be found in the ephemeral and impermanent”.



old 4

*Somewhere in Spain*

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The Daily Prompt – Fragrance!


As I opened the door

All that greeted me inside the house was a breath of fragrance

A repellent and awful smell

Unwashed clothes littered the wooden floor

And the strong smell of tobacco suffused the air

A wicked stench oozing from the black ashtray

The sour smell and pains of a lonely old age Continue reading