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A Letter To Self…

Dear Self,

Good Morning! As you wake up today, hazy and disoriented, there are a few things I’d like us to talk about. But first, go get a cup of tea as you squint at the sunlight. So, you’d gradually become aware of yourself. I want you to come to the reality of this frank talk we’d hold in a bit.

Okay. How do you feel today? “I feel good and I’m settling into the day despite the fact that the cloud is all grey and the sky is teary”. Well, you have no choice but to feel good inspite of glaring challenges and the mad drama unfolding everywhere in the world. Continue reading

My Appreciation – To YOU

Today, I was at the beach briefly. And I pondered on so many things. Of course, my blog was one of those things.  And you all came to my mind. Then I said to myself, how would it be if there was no one to visit my blog. To read or to like or even take the time to leave a comment? Continue reading

My Morning Ritual…

The sunlight shines through the shutters

And lifted my feet out of the bed

Just in time to hear the fading chirpings of birds

I have struggled to wake up

Long after the shrills of the alarm clock

Now, I must begin my morning rituals

With a steamy cup of tea

As I ruminate over the chaos in my mind

Myriads of thoughts fighting within me to jump out

Not a day to let them slide through my fingers

Not a day to be reluctant and sluggish

The blank pages must wear these new imprints

And decorated with the images before me

To ease this immense weight that I carry inside

I must obey this morning clarion call

Today I have a plan

This new script must breathe



Submitted for the Daily Prompt Tea.

Peace and Love!

Copyright © 2017 by Simpledimple.  All Rights Reserved.



The Daily Prompt – Tea!





My steamy cup of tea

My earnest companion on a crisp weather

All that I need to kick-start my day

To warm me up for the new dawn

The thought of tea drags me out of bed as the alarm triggers

Once the kettle begins to whistle

I begin to giggle

To grin from ear to ear

My steamy cup of tea

Always sitting elegantly on the table


Sometimes surrounded by an enormous platter of foodies

Of Danish cookies and pastries

With Arla Koldskal

Rugbrød (Danish brown bread)

Smeared in Danish leverpostej

Kærgården (butter)

And Danish skinke and eggs

I cherish

My steamy cup of tea



Submitted for the Daily Prompt Tea

Peace and Love!

Copyright © 2017 by Simpledimple.  All Rights Reserved.