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The Daily Prompt – Express!

I started this blog two years ago. It wasn’t any easy starting off. I recalled I had opened a WordPress account to begin blogging 4 years ago, but fear set in that I could never write anything meaningful. So, I halted the idea. Days went into months and the torment continued. A part of me longed to write and express myself while the other part was entertaining trepidations that no one will notice my blog. And I danced to the tune of fear and continued with my daily work, which of course was my source of livelihood.  Continue reading

The Daily Prompt – Interest!

There are many things I have a great interest in. Some of those things I’ve inculcated into my lifestyle already. Others, I am yet to embrace.

It’s no secret that I have interest in Photography. I can’t call myself an expert photographer. I still struggle with the rudiments of handling the camera and aiming for better shots. However, I hope I’ll get there someday because I truly love to have mastery in the art of photography. Continue reading

The Daily Prompt – Tentative!

At last, I have tentatively scheduled to publish my first Poetry Book for December 2017. However, my plans may change but I’m working with this arrangement for now.

Hey, you are the first to know that I am cooking something.  I hope this food turns out appealing and delicious. This noble idea has played on my mind for some time now, but I didn’t take tangible action until very recently.   Continue reading

The Daily Prompt – Glorious!

One of the best decisions I’ve ever taken in life was starting this blog, Giggles and Tales. It took me many years to begin because I was tussling with fear and doubting my abilities. I wasn’t too sure of the message I wanted to deliver to my audience. I wasn’t too sure if I could even write. My confidence failed me. I believed the negative voices shutting me down, telling me that I couldn’t write anything meaningful. Continue reading