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The Daily Prompt – Hospitality!

One of my childhood fantasies was to work in the Foreign Ministry. Two other professions also fascinated me. I excitedly told anyone who asked me what I would become in the future, that I wanted to be a Diplomat or a representative of my country abroad. I was abreast with the happenings on the international scene even as a young girl, basically, due to my uncanny curiosity to know just about everything including world affairs. Continue reading

The Daily Prompt – Pursue!

At the beginning, my labour was a colossal flop

But my fortitude embraced me so tightly

My metier, my art I must exert wisely

This ruse, this bait I despise furiously

How can the opposers wittingly triumph?

This subterfuge, this stratagem

I must dismiss as I pursue vigorously

To win this war of morals

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My Dreams…!!!


I dream to wake up in the morning

With the sun peeping through the clouds

Injecting new life into my winter stunned world

I dream to soak myself in the sun for hours

With no stormy thoughts

But to visualise and feed my imaginations

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