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Devotional Nuggets – #90

Even though change is constant and one of the regular experiences of any human, it is a fact that no major change is easy. Some changes are hard and confusing. While some are sweet and easy.  But one thing is certain in any type of changes, we are faced with the problem of adaptation to the new transition.  Continue reading

Sunday Giggles!

Like I wrote early in the week about indecisions as it affects us as humans, it is almost true that most postponed Decisions become missed opportunities.

Find out where successful people are going and join the trip.

Don’t wait to ask them how was the trip or to know what they encountered during the trip. Continue reading



The worst that can happen to a PERSON is not taking a decision. It’s a disaster for anyone.

Some people are tenacious about what they want while some are forever contemplating on what they want. There lies the difference in lifestyles. To make progress in life, indecisiveness has to be thrown out of the window. Continue reading

Saturday Giggles!

God has given each one of us enough time to do something worthy in life.

To use our gifts and talent and leave a mark.
To teach others what we know.
To bring a smile on a distraught face. 
To change the world with our noble contributions.

All there is to do is to put in our best and live our ultimate purpose in life.

However, whether you live up to your expectations in life is entirely your own prerogative. It is up to you to do your best or not. It is up to you to find the purpose for which you are created.

Talking about those dreams all the time will lead you nowhere until you begin to take the necessary steps to bring your dreams to reality.

Wake up!

Stop talking.

Build up your confidence level and begin action.

Putting WORDS to ACTION makes you realise your purpose!


Practice what you Preach!



Peace and Love!

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Good Morning World.


I know you woke up this morning, wondering what is happening to your world and why things are the way they are… no appreciable progress.

Everything seems uptight and it appears like the waves are against you. Everywhere you turn to, you find turbulence waving at you.

You feel physically and emotionally drained. Continue reading