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Craft And Create Your Own Love!

If he gives you a tingle
And she intoxicates you
If love is the base of it
And you hold your hands tightly together
Creating your own version of life in your home
Without matching it with the world’s model
If you agree to stay devoted
And your words are your bond
Just like the vows declared before God
If dedication is your motive
If trust is part of your values
And you are true to yourself
And you strive to raise a family you love without bounds
If after the monotony of daily pressures
You go on your knees together in prayers
You facilitate your reconciliations
Without the attention of any jury
And if at sundown and at sunrise
You still find warmth in the bosom of each other
And you mock the pains that no longer matter
As you snuggle under each other’s breath
Hold on to your soulmate
Hold on to this script in your hearts
Grin and wade your way together through life
For you have found out the powers
To create a good marriage
Beyond the complications of imperfections



Peace and Love!

Copyright © 2017 by Simpledimple.  All Rights Reserved.

The Daily Prompt – Toothbrush!

Dear Future Husband,

There are some things I would like you to know before you contemplate having me as your future wife. I know that before I consent into this lifetime partnership with you, I would have loved you very deeply. Your presence would have made me quiver and my heart flutters just by hearing your voice. I would have considered you a friend, a lover and someone I wouldn’t want out of my sight. Continue reading

The Daily Prompt – Pest.

James looked hard at his bosom friend. And asked him “Why did you dump her”?

Fred grimaced, sipped his warm coffee and said slowly, you sure you really want to know the reason? Well, remember I’ve complained to you several times about her character. Continue reading

The Power Of Love…

How can I not be hurt when you are hurt?

Isn’t love about sharing?

Isn’t love about good times and bad times?

Isn’t that what the power of love is all about?

Sharing sad and happy moments together Continue reading

You Are Not Alone Anymore…

Wow! Mary couldn’t believe she was actually getting married. No. Not with the many disappointments she has suffered. She just couldn’t believe it that Johan finally proposed to her. She is all over the moon now and her beaming smiles filled the entire church. Continue reading