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The Summer Solstice!

It’s official that summertime has arrived with all its wondrous assemblages.

We are in for a sizzling experience with the gorgeous sunlight and burning temperature.

The feeling of summer is exhilarating. It gives a sense of joy to know that light still radiates even when it ought to be dark.

What does this season mean to me?

It means maximum sunlight, sunshine, warmth, flip flops, Tank tops, Shorts, Hey what else? It means hazy days and warm breezy nights.

It means fun time with family and friends. It means enjoying the bliss of the outdoors with the smell of roasts and barbecues. I love grill time when I engage in chitchats.

It means vacations to the exotic places on our bucket list. It means enjoying the peaceful ambience of summer houses and lush greeneries.

It means picnics, beaches, beautiful parks and wild cravings for ice-cream and delightful fruits and cold drinks.

And it means a time to visit the shopping centres.

The summer sale is another bonanza of the season. The shops are filled with exciting goodies discounted crazily to attract patronage. You are inclined to shop because of the slashed prices. It’s enough incentive. But wait a minute, the purse suffers a heavy blow during this mad rush to make extreme purchases.

And the list is endless.

I am not done yet!

It’s a period to smile at nature even when nothing is funny. A time to simply acknowledge the freedom to be oneself again.

To have a passionate romance with photography.  Ah, it’s selfie day today! Let’s pose for the camera. Haha.

But really, who wouldn’t love the summertime?

Who wouldn’t love this new atmosphere and the break from the heavy items of clothing that keeps us warm from the frigid wintry cold?

Let’s enjoy the sizzling moments in summer because it’s only in transition.

Let’s take a breather in the colourful season and have fun.

So, today is ‘The Summer Solstice’.

It’s said to be the longest day of the year and generally understood to mark the first official day of summer.

Raise your glasses with me, Brethren.

And let’s clink together to summer and the beauty of the season.

Cheers everyone for a happy summertime. 


PS: Feel free to share your summer expectations…


Peace and Love!

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Welcome To A Week Of Blessings!


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Words are powerful and what you speak to yourself is important. Declare positive affirmations because the universe is listening to the words you profess.

Spoil yourself this week. Lend a hand. Share a smile. Dance, laugh, love, live. Choose to see things positively.

I choose Joy. I choose Love. 🙂


Peace and Love!

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My Stress-free Formula…!

With the many challenges and toxicity in life, sometimes, one is forced to channel one’s energy towards debilitating thoughts.  However, this is detrimental to health and to one’s emotional balance.

Therefore, to stay focused and as a distraction from negative energy, I realised the magical power tucked in positive affirmations.

At some point in my life, I’ve had bouts of unpleasantries. Agreed, this is a common human affliction. During such phases, I enjoyed the taste of my tears and the consolation in self-pity. Continue reading

Remembering June 2, With Nolstagia!

I was raised by a loving father who loved people. I was raised by a father that gave so much to his community.

My father was a man of few words but spoke plain wisdom. He laughed always and there was never any dull moment with him. He cared genuinely for others and wouldn’t deliberately hurt anyone. Continue reading