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The Daily Prompt – Fashionable!

The concept of being stylish and fashionable is relative. I love looking good. But certainly not overtly flamboyant.  I love fashion but will not splurge a huge amount just so I will be termed fashionable. Nope. I don’t follow fashion blindly. All I crave for is to look good, dress well and proper and I can achieve that by buying affordable fashion items of clothing.  Continue reading

The Daily Prompt – Interest!

There are many things I have a great interest in. Some of those things I’ve inculcated into my lifestyle already. Others, I am yet to embrace.

It’s no secret that I have interest in Photography. I can’t call myself an expert photographer. I still struggle with the rudiments of handling the camera and aiming for better shots. However, I hope I’ll get there someday because I truly love to have mastery in the art of photography. Continue reading

The Footfalls…

I saw them all today. Though the weather is crisp I enjoy the balmy effect as I advance towards the bustling city.  I see people walking, strutting, jumping in varied strides.

Each foot lifted forward one after the other in different gait. Everyone was walking in different directions. Everyone in their thoughts walking towards the same goal – to succeed in the day, but taking different directions to get to their destinations. Everyone seemingly working hard to tell a better story at the end of the day. To feel accomplished at the end of time. Continue reading