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Don’t Resist Change…!

Change according to the old cliché is the only constant thing in life. Change is distinct. Change occurs in our daily lives and most times, cannot be seen except one take a close and deeper look. Change must occur if we desire to move forward otherwise, one will become obsolete, redundant and complacent. Change is ephemeral. Change is normal. Change is progressive and it’s what makes everyday life different and interesting. Continue reading

The Daily Prompt – Forlorn!

That moment when life feels empty

You stare into nothingness 

You feel an indescribable pain

Grief holds tightly to your soul

Almost choking you to death

That moment when life feels desolate

You gaze from emptiness to nothingness

Your body becomes frail and weary

You bathe in pain

In the pool of your own tears

Wishing an end to this forlorn fate



Submitted to the Daily Prompt    Forlorn.


Peace and Love!

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The Daily Prompt – Funnel.

I remember when I was little. When we cooked our meals with a kerosene stove. I was never the patient one because I was always in a hurry to finish any house chores quickly and rush outside to play with other kids. I could forgo food once I was consumed with play. Continue reading