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When Enough Is Enough!

Life shows up with situations that throw us off the happiness radar.  Sometimes, people surprise us, challenges overwhelm us, relationships go sour, toxicity and negative energies drain us and the list goes on.

When things go wrong in our lives, no matter how we strive for happiness, human nature at some point reminds us of our pains and hurts. And the effect of this is that the cloak of unhappiness beclouds our emotions.  Continue reading

A Slither Of HOPE:

Life is about seasons.

Sometimes, the seasons of our lives are decorated in fine linens and laced with delectable sweeteners. Other times, the season brings us nothing but grief and pain. We look at ourselves and believe that the world is coming to an end. Such moments are riddled with varying negative thoughts that overwhelm our spirits and thought lines. And you begin to ask yourself rhetorical questions – Why me? Oh God, why me? Continue reading

It’s Time To Say Goodbye…

It’s just a few more days and we’d say goodbye to 2017. How will we start off in 2018? Have you sat down to think about that? Well, would you say that there is no need to hurry with such thoughts until we get to the New Year?

It will be nice to begin to prepare for the New Year and see how best to achieve a great deal of success in the year. So before you march into 2018, hopefully, let’s take some time to search our lives. Let’s check those behaviours and ideas we’ve allowed to cripple us in 2017. It’s time to check the stuff we intend to carry over to the New Year. Continue reading

Clap For Yourself…!

You’ve gone through many stages and phases in life. Some of those phases were good and others disgusting moments. But in all of these periods, you didn’t lose your sanity. You pushed and pushed even harder. And you passed through the different challenges without losing your mind.

Well, clap for yourself. You did well. Problems are a part of humanity, which can extinguish happiness from one’s life. But knowing that human frailty is part of existence makes it easier to deal with these dark moments of existence.  Continue reading

Devotional Nuggets – #85



Have you been waiting on God for a long time and it seems like He has deserted you? Well, Dear Friend. Don’t despair and don’t give up now.  Because delay is not denial. Continue reading