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Life Is A Roller Coaster…

Giving up is conceding that things will never get better, and that is just not true. Ups and downs are a constant in life, and I’ve been belted into that roller coaster a thousand times. – Aimee Mullins Continue reading

The Infallible Word…!

When the vicissitudes of life overwhelm me

When life’s obstructions frustrates me

When the picture before me appear hazy and unclear

When my heart is empty and lonely

When there is no one else to run to

When it seems like all hope is lost and gone

I hold on to the Infallible Word of God Continue reading

The Daily Prompt – Coincidence!

And the lady died.

Could it be a strange coincidence that she died on her birthday? I am yet to understand this phenomenon which happens occasionally in the passage of time.

Not just that she died. She died under very strange circumstances. She was a sister to a friend. A tear dropped from my eyes as I read her obituary on my Facebook Newsfeed three days ago. Continue reading

The Daily Prompt – Thorn!

Life is full of paradoxes, as roses are of thorns. ― Fernando Pessoa

Life is not a bed of roses is seemingly a cliché, but also a statement of fact. Life is riddled with recurring challenges and problems even though it is also a sweet adventure. There is no doubt that as humans we celebrate being alive. We celebrate when life turns out good for us. We jubilate during moments of triumphs and victories.

However, in trying to find the path of success, we often are besieged with problems and uncountable challenges which are surmountable anyway. These difficulties become thorny paths as we seek for accomplishments. No one prays for adversity but they do rear their ugly heads occasionally in our lives. No one is free from these encumbrances. None.  We can anticipate these problems even as we seek ways to fight these demons that attack our lives.

The paths of existence and the road to success is always filled with rocky hills and valleys. There are ticks, snakes, and thorns littered on these paths. It’s a challenging phase but beneath that thorny unease lie a beautiful life.

For life is sweet and beautiful just as the roses are. And punctuated with pains and unpleasant situations too. For there is no rose without a thorn. There is no life without challenges.


In response to the Daily Prompt – Thorny.


Peace and Love!

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The Daily Prompt – Crescendo!

As the soft music that wafted through the air wave, rose in crescendo, Mary, shut her eyes and transported herself to the past. This particular song takes her back in time, during her University days when she spends the entire weekend with her boyfriend. She had thought that their union would last forever. But no, she was wrong.  Continue reading

Sunday Motivation!

As humans, we go through trials, difficult moments and daunting challenges. It varies from person to person, families to families’ etcetera. Challenges come in different packages. Some are light in weight while some can be very heavy burdens which can be quite depressing. During moments of trials, we most often isolate ourselves and believe that something is wrong with us. But no, it is a wrong perception. Continue reading

Stay Strong… Stay Hopeful!

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Are you one of those people going through daunting challenges that are depleting your energy?
Are you seriously going through afflictions that even people close to you don’t have any hint of?
Are you sinking deeper into depression for overwhelming situations?
Are prevailing harsh conditions dimming the spark and light that brightens your face?
Are you languishing in excruciating pains and heartaches?
Are problems eroding the tiny gleam of confidence inside of you?

There are afflictions people go through that only they and their physicians or therapist know about while close associates are not privy of these situations.

A lot of people are going through personal and “private” issues they don’t feel comfortable disclosing to others. I want to relate this post to those set of people fighting the battles of their lives without involving you and me in their pains. We’ve got people in our midst who wish to fight their battles alone… believing in hope.

Those are the ones I’m reaching out to today.

Don’t give up the fight. Don’t give up the struggle.

I hope that soon, you will come out of these doldrums.

I hope you will not relent to ensure that you smile sweetly again.

I’m sending you positive thoughts and sending prayers your way that help will come to you and that you will be lifted from these predicaments.

May the good Lord be with you and be your constant help in these difficult situations.

Have a blessed day.



Submitted for Forgiving Fridays.  Forgiving Fridays.

This challenge is hosted by the amiable and lovely Debbie, the blogger behind Forgiving Connects.

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Peace and Love!

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