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The Daily Prompt – Carousel!

I love the seasons. They come and go.

I love life even with its ebbs and flow.

Spring is a time of new beginnings, of fresh hope when the buds begin to bloom and new life sprouts up in nature.  During the summer time. Everything glitters and there is life everywhere in abundance. Then Autumn mounts the stage with its rich kaleidoscope of brilliant colours. The crisp air, the colourful sights of fall leaves add colours to our lives.  And then winter sneaks in quietly just as we are still feeling the crispness from fall. The cold gets colder, yet, winter continues to get wintry until it covers the ground with a blanket of white for us to walk on.  Continue reading

Thinking About Yesterday’s Killings…

Today is Monday, August 7, 2017. I woke up this morning feeling sluggish and didn’t feel like leaving the bed. Or even go to work. Usually, I wake up with positive energy on Mondays because Mondays are like the breakfast of the week. If you start your day without breakfast, the rest of the day may not just align together.

So it is with the week. You can’t possibly start the week without Mondays. But this Monday is just so different. My body is just not ignited for the day. My energy is sapped and pressed down because I have been saddled with nauseating thoughts. Continue reading

The Daily Prompt – Savage!

I dare say that all of humanity has fallen to a new low

Enormous acts of savagery occur in the world

And the world has become volatile 

Flooded by acts of terror and violence 

Isn’t that the news we are fed every day?

The cries of people suffering and gnashing their teeth 

Alas! These traumatic stories shake one to the core

People commit all kinds of jungle justice with absolute disregard for the rule of law

Thousands are butchered every day in different places

Heart-wrenching. Disheartening. Frightening.

Stories that touch

Violent explosions and fierce aggressions erupt abruptly anywhere

Millions of people are forcefully displaced

And all these cruelties are perpetrated by some beasts who parade in human form. Continue reading

Weekly Photo Challenge – Delta!

“This week, share a photograph that signifies transitions and change to you. It can be the very beginning of a phase or the very end. As you pick up your lens, explore the ways in which a single photograph can express time, while only showing us a small portion of any given moment.” – Erica V.  Continue reading

The Daily Prompt – Puncture 2

Everyone ran helter-skelter in search of somewhere to hide from the bullets flying around. Hearts were palpitating and pounding in quick gait. People ran forward, then backwards, trying to escape the glaring death. His heart was pounding in his chest but there was little he could do. His will to survive gave him extra strength as he increased his speed fearing to succumb to such untimely death. Continue reading