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The Daily Prompt – Puncture 2

Everyone ran helter-skelter in search of somewhere to hide from the bullets flying around. Hearts were palpitating and pounding in quick gait. People ran forward, then backwards, trying to escape the glaring death. His heart was pounding in his chest but there was little he could do. His will to survive gave him extra strength as he increased his speed fearing to succumb to such untimely death. Continue reading

The Daily Prompt – Uniform 2

He stood there in his well-starched uniform and for a few seconds didn’t seem to have any words to utter. He was in total shock as a wave of memories surged like an ocean and engulfed him in grief. His handsome face had a big scar by the neck. He bent down and tears ran down freely in his cheek. Continue reading

We Still Love You, Papa!

My memories of that day were a series of fragmented images. The dreams I had that night. The unusual breeze of that fateful day. The hazy weather. The reluctance to go out that morning. And then the eventual phone call. The realities I couldn’t fathom. The excruciating pain that followed was indescribable. And then I went numb. I remember this day, June 2 many years ago. I remember it was just like any other day and I had woken up with some strange feelings. Continue reading

Good Morning Giggles!

He was a household name especially among children who enjoyed his movies. A brand of his own. He was 007. He was James Bond.

The actor was born in London in 1927. His first break in TV came in romantic adventure Ivanhoe which was the start of a set of hit shows that graced the screens of many movie lovers.  He was the epitome of the suave English gent, quipping sweatlessly in a bespoke three-piece suit. His acting career spanned over eight decades. Continue reading

The Daily Prompt – Adrift!

Grandma wasn’t her buoyant self anymore. Her effervescent nature has gradually fizzled out. She has drifted into a shadow of her former self. A debilitating illness dealt her this blow. Oh, Grandma!   Continue reading