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Some Things Are Hard To Tame…!

The most evidential thing I’ve learned in life is that some things cannot be tamed no matter how hard we try.  But of course, there are exceptions…!


Can we truly tame how we handle love matters? 

Or our reactions during moments of anger?

Are you able to tame your fierce temper since all these years, knowing it brings you nothing but regrets?

Can Nature’s fiery temper be stopped or tamed? Continue reading

It’s Breakfast Time…

We awoke every morning

With twinkling glee in our eyes 

At the prospect of

Our morning breakfasts

A great way to kickstart Our day

For energy, vigour, and strength


And here I am with an array of thoughts

On what this breakfast should be

Yeah! Morning is breakfast time

The moment to eat the first meal of the day

So, what would you prefer on this beautiful dawn

Would it be muesli and natural yogurt

Or a bowl of cereal filled with creamy milk

Or some oatmeal, porridge with toast

Cinnamon buns and rolls or delicious croissants

Or toast with eggs –  scrambled, omelet, poached

Or with ham, bacon, sausages and baked beans

Or hash-browns, potatoes fries with ketchup

Pancakes, crêpes, donuts or bagels with cream cheese

Waffles or Biscuits and gravy

Oh! Would you rather savour the tasty muffins?

Or would it be sandwiches  

Or Danish Rugbrød or Rye bread with skinke

So, tell me what you’d prefer to eat on this beautiful dawn

Would it be a continental breakfast?

Or a Danish Morgen mad

Or the traditional English breakfast

Whatever your choices are

Here are some warm and cool drinks

Assorted beverages and smoothies

Coffee, tea, chocolate, and milk

With Juices and protein shakes

And here are a variety of fruity delights

Just for you

The choice is yours to make

Enjoy your breakfast



Peace and Love!

Copyright © 2017 by Simpledimple.  All Rights Reserved.



Thank God It’s Friday!

Yippeee! Whoop Whoop!

It’s the end of another week and the beginning of yet another weekend when we take a break from work, a break from the hustling of the week, to relax our tired nerves. It’s a time to spend with family and loved ones.  A time to eat some special delicacies. To have dinner with the special people in our lives. It’s a moment to laze about and just lounge ourselves on the sofa with a good book or magazine. Or even to listen to your favourite music. It’s relaxation time for most people.

And a time to find that solitary space and spend quality time with yourself. Perhaps, meditating, perhaps, trying to think about the core decisions you need to make to meet your goals.  Continue reading