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Dinner Is Served – Sushi Savvy!

The love for Sushi is fast spreading to every corner of the world as more and more people embrace the tasty delicacy. Sushi joints or restaurants are cited in major busy streets all over the place.

It has become the choicest food for some people who crave for sushi more than any other food.  Continue reading

The Daily Prompt – Shallow!

What if I told you that I am unable to swim even if it was at the shallow end of the swimming pool? No not anymore.

The whole love and enthusiasm for swimming died off after I watched someone die in the pool. It happened some years ago at a hotel pool. The young man jumped into the swimming pool headlong and hit his head. Oh, Lawd! It was a sad day and that ugly incident sapped all my energy and passion for swimming. Continue reading

If You Have Woken Up…

If you are reading this
Then it means one thing
You have woken up and you ARE ALIVE
It means another thing
You have a new springboard
It means yet another thing
You have a new opportunity
It means something else
You have woken up to find a solution
It means yet a different thing
That you’ve been given the freedom
To move forward
To move up and down
To move in any direction you so desire
To jump out of the box if need be
And to find solutions to the throbbing questions
And puzzles struggling in your powerful brain
Finally, Brethren if you are reading this
Stretch your mental alertness
Flush out the mental junks and rots from your mind
And begin to write new lines of thoughts
Of hope. Of strength. Of exploits
And explore brand new concepts
Wake up and be optimistic about your future
If you are reading this
You have woken up and you ARE ALIVE


Peace and Love!

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