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Appreciation – Part 2

Dear New Follower,

It gives me great pleasure to welcome all my new followers to my blogging world. I see you all. I’ve visited a couple of you already and if I have not reached you yet, not to worry. I will get to you one day in time. Continue reading

Weekend Giggles…

Wake up, Wake up, says the bright Morning Sun!

Hello folks, It’s the weekend again and as a norm, it’s  a time to take things easy and lounge lazily in the house. No rush! No tensions. Easy does it better on the weekends.

What will you be doing this weekend? Mind telling me? Continue reading

Appreciation – Part One!

My Dear Blogger Friends,

We are half way through the year 2017, and I’m already overwhelmed. Today, June 15th is a day I’ve chosen to tell you how I feel about you and the WordPress Community. I wanted to take some minutes today to let you know that you all are doing a fantastic job on this platform by your diverse write-ups.  And you are making me become a better version of myself as I read through your ideas and thoughts concerning different life issues and experiences.  Continue reading

And The Year 2016 Ends – Thank You Everyone!

I have to say this before the year ends in about 3 hours from now.

Dear Blogger Friends,

It has been an amazing year in this WP community. Even though there has been some small challenges and frictions along the way, my interactions with you here has been a most pleasant experience. Every one of you has enriched me immensely one way or the other by your postings, your inspiring comments and honest feedbacks.  Continue reading

Our Fruits We May Not See…!

A young woman, who was a great lover of flowers, had set out a rare vine at the base of a stone wall … It grew vigorously, but it did not bloom. Day after day she cultivated it, watered it, and tried in every way to coax it to bloom. Continue reading