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Speak With Grace…

Let your speech be always with grace, seasoned with salt, that you may know how you ought to answer every man.

A beautiful day to you all. I started with a verse from the bible because I draw wisdom from it. I will title my piece of writing STOP IN THE TRACKS. Continue reading

Failure In A Positive Light…

A beautiful morning to you all amazing People. I will like to talk about failure in a positive light. Weird huh!!!

Your perspective in life determines one’s result. The way you see things makes you a success or the direct opposite. How do you see failure? Do you fall and give up or get back up, even stronger? Continue reading

Everyone Must Read This…

I didn’t know of Jelena Ostapenko before today, but this headline reminded me of something EVERYONE here must remember.

Today, this unknown woman from the tiny country of Latvia became the 1st unseeded player to win the French Women’s Open. Continue reading

The Importance of Reading…

Are Your Kids Reading Enough Books? How do you get your kids to read and be well informed?

The above question was posed by a friend on her Facebook post yesterday.

And here is a fraction of my response to the post as we exchanged ideas back and forth.  Continue reading