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The Daily Prompt – Grainy!






Crunchy and creamy

With roasted hazel nuts

Crackling between the teeth

Some rich irresistible Coffee


Grainy chocolate chunks

Atop my ice-cream

Wow! The plausible taste of delightful

Nothing else matters

‘Cos it’s a taste of honey

Melting sweetly in the mouth

Persuading me to eat and eat

More of a Lip-smacking luxury

A crazy indulgence

Induced by summer time



Submitted for the Daily Prompt – Grainy.

Peace and Love!

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Dinner Is Served – Sushi Savvy!

The love for Sushi is fast spreading to every corner of the world as more and more people embrace the tasty delicacy. Sushi joints or restaurants are cited in major busy streets all over the place.

It has become the choicest food for some people who crave for sushi more than any other food.  Continue reading

Dinner Is Served!

Tonight, on the menu chart is Fish Pepper Soup. I’ve served this recipe some time ago but there is a slight difference with today’s post. Pepper soup is healthy and can be eaten as lunch or dinner.



*Ready to be eaten*

Continue reading

Photo Of The Day!


It’s summer. It’s so warm sometimes. It’s the yummiest season. Don’t you agree that summertime is a fantastic period? During this warm season, we make excuses and get away with many things we indulge ourselves in, right? After all, it’s just for the season we’d tell ourselves.

So we can eat lots of ice-cream, cakes and chocolates and just feel good with out choices.  Continue reading

Sharing Is Caring…

Who is like me? Who likes to eat strawberry and all kinds of other berries like this? With some cream… Hmmn, I tell you, this is simply cute. Delicious is the word.  Continue reading