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Dinner is Served!

Last Saturday I attended a graduation party and we had a big spread to eat from. So today, I will showcase some of the foodies but will only discuss the famous Nigerian Jollof Rice. 

Recently, CNN Richard Quest visited Nigeria and confirmed the rich tasty flavour of the Nigerian jollof rice (You can google this and get the facts). We prepare the classic Nigerian Jollof Rice and indeed all Nigerian rice recipes with the long grain parboiled rice.  I have served the Parboiled white rice and stew in a previous post. Continue reading

Dinner is Served!

Danish Scalloped Potatoes (Creamed Potatoes) or Flødekartofler is the menu tonight. Potatoes are a very important ingredient in traditional Danish cooking. And this can be made in different ways. Tonight flødekartofler is enjoyed by many.

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