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The Daily Prompt – Natty!

Ray became worried after waiting for 30 minutes without any sight of her. They had scheduled their meeting for 5 pm. But now the time is slowly crawling to a few minutes to six o’clock and he was beginning to entertain the fear that she had stood him up. A little apprehensive, his bright face began to gather some wrinkles as he grimaced to show his anxious demeanour. Continue reading

Saturday Giggles…

Hello friends,
I hope this Saturday is looking promising for you. Well, it’s up to you to make it a day of celebrations and a day of happy memories by your actions and your deeds. Albeit, the downsides of life. It pays to stay on the positive side, anyways. Continue reading

Good Morning Giggles!

My Facebook News Feed this morning is what’s on my mind:

Marriage tips here, relationship advice there…
Leadership here, submission there…
Married vs Singles…
Oga and Madam palaver plenty…
Rich vs Poor homes…
Marry or remain single if you can’t be submissive…
Tradition, Culture Vs the New World…
Men and Women matters… Oh, Lawd!
Marry today, Divorce tomorrow…
Marriage, going, going. go…
Maybe marriage should be scrapped so everybody should just rest…Lol.
There is no end to it no matter the number of books written about it. In fact, people read and forget too quickly what they’ve read.
Continue reading

The New Trend…

Depictions embellished
Faces, airbrushed
Blingy, perfect smiles
They scream across my screen
Buried in hollow subtlety
Echoes of the new trend
Fake is the new façade
Stylishly vocal
Fake lives next door
Making appearances in subtle ironies


Peace and Love!

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Morning Thoughts…!

So I woke up this beautiful Sunday Morning and was browsing Facebook. And my Newsfeed was abuzz with so many write-ups, Videos, Photos, Memes, Quotes, and various notifications. Both good and credible contents from my FB ‘friends’ and so many others… And all these I viewed differently.

And I just wondered. So here is my thought line… Continue reading