Nigerian Prof. Pius Adesanmi of Carleton University Die In A Plane Crash!


“Pius Adesanmi was a towering figure in African and post-colonial scholarship and his sudden loss is a tragedy,” – Benoit-Antoine Bacon


Pius (2)

*Late Prof. Pius Adesanmi*


“The contributions of Pius Adesanmi to Carleton are immeasurable,” said Pauline Rankin, dean of the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, Carleton University, Canada. Continue reading

The Daily Prompt – Sympathy!

I remembered when I lost my father some years ago, expressions of sympathy flooded from across the globe by people who are connected to my family one way or another. Friends and family members and even strangers who heard about his demise wanted to reach out to us with their compassion. Some, who have experienced the death of a loved one empathized with us and shared their experiences. Continue reading

Reach Out to Folks Around You…

One of the hallmarks of being human is that there is a price to pay for living. That price is DEATH. Yeah, the ultimate reality is that death must come when it will come. Learning to absorb this reality that death is inevitable is very important. That way, you get prepared to receive such ‘bad’ news whenever it comes. It is always a big shock when such news is broken to us about loved ones or friends. It’s not only devastating, it crumbles ones world when loved family members depart.  Continue reading

Embarrassing – The Daily Prompt!

It was late evening of June 2nd, 2016

My father’s anniversary to the great beyond

I was taking my daily routine walk

Like a flash tears trickled down my cheeks

I didn’t realise I was lost in thoughts

My memories of that fateful day are a series of fragmented episodes Continue reading

The Irony of Life…

Poetry on a Snowy Saturday morning. I call it the ‘Irony of Life’.


Several things strike me about living
A man may not like food but needs it to live
He may not like fire, yet it is essential
A man may not like water but cannot resist a sip
He may not like accidents, yet, can’t stop driving
Scared and worried sick about plane crashes
Yet, loves travelling by air.

He may even hate death, and pray for long life
But one day, at an appointed time
Somewhere, somehow,
He will die while wondering and pondering,
On where, when and how it will happen.
Thus, the irony of life still remains
A mystery.


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All rights reserved.