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Christmas Foodies – 2

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We had a great Danish brunch with some friends.

It’s still Christmas and I’m grateful to be a part of this year’s celebration.

Hope you’re having an awesome time too.

Cheers Everyone. 🙂

Peace and Love!

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Christmas Is In The Air!


It’s near freezing point here. The trees are bare, shivering in response to the cold air. There is no sight of the angelic whiteness of the snow but I hope it surfaces to bless us with a white Christmas. The cityscape of most cities is agog with sparkling decorations. This Christmas facade has been an age long yearly tradition. And here I am, hitting the keypad and with every stroke of the key, I hum a familiar Christmas melody. Continue reading

Spread Love This Season…

This happens to be one of my fav seasons of the year for the simple fact that it’s Christmas. The season is synonymous with happiness and good cheer. You know it’s a season of joy and a time to share with loved ones. It’s a time of expectations and anticipations, to give and receive gifts and presents. Continue reading