The Daily Prompt – Express!

I started this blog two years ago. It wasn’t any easy starting off. I recalled I had opened a WordPress account to begin blogging 4 years ago, but fear set in that I could never write anything meaningful. So, I halted the idea. Days went into months and the torment continued. A part of me longed to write and express myself while the other part was entertaining trepidations that no one will notice my blog. And I danced to the tune of fear and continued with my daily work, which of course was my source of livelihood.  Continue reading

The Daily Prompt – Superficial!

When I love

I love with every breath in me

It runs too deeply

From the core of my being

Beyond the layers of my skin

To connect with the core of your soul

My feelings for you are not shallow 

It’s beyond the superficial

It’s something much more than mere feelings

And much more than I can describe



In response to the Daily Prompt – Superficial.

Peace and Love!

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