Dinner Is Served!










*Salmon and rice*



The video was dinner – Okra soup with Eba.

This is a typical Nigerian dish served for both lunch and dinner. It is tasty and really delicious.

The recipe – Okra, Bitter-leaf, palm-oil, pepper or chilli, crayfish, onions, and Knorr cubes. Garri is made into eba.

And the other photos are from my lunch today. I had salad and salmon with rice. That was my foodies for today. 

Enjoy the e-view and it’s quite normal to salivate and drool over these virtual delicacies. 


Bon Appetite. 🙂

Peace and Love!

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Summertime is Bae…

The last couple of days has been extremely very warm. Such cozy weather that all you’d want to do is to jump into the pool and relax in the water for that refreshing cooling effect. Staying indoors is like punishing oneself due to the excess heat.

Wow! It’s just so beautiful! The sun has been so wonderful and I wish it would remain so forever. But that is a mere wish, very far from reality. Summertime is such a sweet season no doubt. A season where everything shines and glitters. A season when you feel that extra bounce in you just because you feel good with the weather and that reflects in your mood. Continue reading