Good Morning World – Let’s Connect…

Dear Friends,

How was your week? Hope it went well. Welcome to this beautiful Saturday.

Here in my world, it’s sunshiny and radiant. I don’t know what I am going to do with myself today but should decide as the day progresses. However, I was looking at my friend’s lists and I realise that I’ve got some new followers and I’ll like to know a little more about them. At least where in the world they are writing from.

I made a similar post in February last year but it’s a long time now. So please even for my old friends here, refresh my memory again. Let’s know where we live in this planet called earth and in this big and glamorous world, we exist in.

It will be nice to know where you wake up from. Where you reside in this planet? Where you live, work and play your role in the scheme of things? Continue reading

Photo Of The Day!





My Photo Of The Day –  These Lilac-Purple flowers to add colour to your Saturday fun.

Purple, as we all know, is a colour that represents royalty and richness.  Most gardens are not complete without some touch of purple blooms. It’s a beautiful colour that I like and it symbolizes so many things.

Purple screams sophistication and looks very cool in dresses. Is it one of your favourite colours?


Peace and Love!

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Good Morning Giggles!

Hello Folks,

It’s weekend once again! It’s another executive Friday. It’s your day. Let’s come alive and make it a victorious day. Oh yes, let’s have a good start to it and stay giggling, smiling and happy.

Be a part of the fun-train this weekend on FB. Don’t cause any troubles biko. For once stop all these sub stories, hate speeches and wickedness flying around. Be responsible and discipline and stop all the verbal venoms you pour on people for their opposing views on your posts. Hmmn, yes o. Can’t there be peace from you? Must you respond to every distasteful comment? Must you flex your muscles to show you can write grammar or that you are one area boy/girl at Ojuelegba bridge?

Yes, we know you are super man/woman but for today, stay calm. Stay peaceful. Behave yourself, inugo. Just be that good boy/girl today. We need peace and love in the world. Share these two amongst your friends at least today if you can’t afford to abide by it every day. Alright.  Yeah. That’s better Dearie. 

Okay, moving on – Be a vibrant participant today and not just a mere observer. Discard that hateful cloak, that nefarious agbada. That envious Iro and Buba you clad on you always. All I’m trying to say is that today ooo, do not ‘spew’ any indifference over posts you can share your experiences and perspectives. Let’s learn from your expertise, your skills and your flowery literary dispositions. Biko, don’t give me that scornful look joor. What have I done this morning? Haha!

Read. Comment. Like. Share. Show us that you are alive! Don’t be too serious with life. 

Hey for life’s sake, be a part of this vibrant community and don’t stay moody, wistful, whining, sobbing, hating, loathing, sobering, sad and complacent. Clad yourself with optimism and affirm that it’s going to be a happy weekend and a great day.

A young boy asks his Dad: “What is the difference between confident and confidential?
*Dad says: “You are my son, I’m confident about that. Your friend over there, is also my son, that is confidential!* Kikikikiki

Now did you smile or laugh a bit…? That’s the point!

Oh yes, it’s Friday! Flex your happiness muscles and laugh hard…

Good Morning everyone!

Have a wonderful and blessed weekend!!!


PS: This was my Facebook post this morning! The Language was tailored for FB but I am sharing it here… As I do sometimes. 🙂


Peace and Love!

Copyright © 2017 by Simpledimple.  All rights reserved.