A Beautiful Smile


Almost every time I go to this particular eatery, there is this particular girl who always wears a beautiful smile on her face as she attends to customers. Her smile is always so sweet and palpable.  Let’s call her Laura.

Laura’s face is quintessentially the best face to see in the morning as you begin your morning activities because she smiles life into you, literally. Her cheerfulness and the positive energy she exudes is contagious. Laura smiles warmth into you. She smiles confidence into you. She smiles strength into you. She smiles happiness into you.

A smile that energises you to face the day.

Literally, she smiles good cheer into you as you leave that eatery feeling like you won a million dollars.

Laura epitomises beauty with her effervescent posture.

Whenever she flashes that beautiful smile, which I believe is from her heart, she reveals some set of beautiful dentition. She inadvertently forces you to open your lips and smile back. You could feel the genuine smile as fresh as the coffee they brew in that eatery, and as fresh as the fruity delight I derive in a glass of freshly pressed smoothes.

I call this kind of smile the toothpaste smile. I call it the natural smile. I call it a good attitude and lifestyle.

I call it smiling through the rigours of everyday life.

Laura’s smile is magnetic and this endears her to customers. Her smile has a pull effect which draws people to her. Her smile is infectious and earns her some generous tips from customers who patronise the busy eatery.

I give generously every time she is on duty because a beautiful smile is a treasure and a gift we can all transmit to one another.

A beautiful smile warms up even the darkest alleys. A beautiful smile softens even stony hearts.

I believe that a smile can break even the unfavourable weather conditions. A smile is like a fraternal hug and it can open doors.


And in all of these:

A beautiful smile is resplendent.

A beautiful smile is simple and free.

Today, as you go about your daily struggles, why not spread this smile across as you engage in your daily interactions.

Why not smile genuinely when someone compliments you?

Why can’t you genuinely smile when someone holds the door or elevator for you?

Why can’t you genuinely smile when someone says, Good Morning sir/ma’am?

Why can’t you return a smile back to the giver?

Why not give a warm smile always?

Isn’t it better than frowning and gathering wrinkles on the face?

Spread good cheer.

Smile and the world smile back at you.

Whoop, Whoop!

It’s a Friday. 

Which means it’s the start of the weekend.

And that makes me feel good.

And induces a smile on my face.


Happy Friday Everyone!

Here’s wishing you a good start to the weekend. 



Peace and Love!

Copyright © 2019 by Simple dimple.  All Rights Reserved.

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