How Are You?


When you are asked “How. Are. You?”

Be honest and answer candidly.

Say exactly how you feel:

I. Am…

Happy. Excited. Great. Wonderful. Good. Elated.

OR. I. Am…

Sad. Tired. Weak. Unhappy. Stressed. Weary. In pain. Demotivated. Overwhelmed. Depressed. Sick. Tired of life.

Don’t just give that robotic reply:

“I Am Fine. Thank You”.

That appears to be the norm.

Yeah, the basic or standard response that oftentimes does not depict our true mood or feelings.

Don’t be shy. Be honest about it.

Just say it as it is with you. Especially to family members, close friends and loved ones.

Share your Problems and Fears!

There are many ways to do so now.

You never know.  Some of us have good listening ears. Oh yes!

Some people are ever willing to render help if you feel comfortable to share your story of pain.


There’s a likelihood of getting help quickly when a problem is shared.

Remember, a problem shared is a problem half solved.

Don’t face your struggles alone thinking help will not come.

Don’t suffer in silence.

Your case may not be the worst one or the most difficult case as you might think.

Life is a daily struggle. For. Everybody.

Everyone faces challenges. Problems. Trials. Betrayals.

Everyone experiences that period of melancholy.

As well as

Excruciating pains and depleting moments.

These trial periods are part of existence.

Therefore, your problems are not peculiar to you alone.

So, Don’t even try to give up on yourself.


This is a no-no

Never make it an option.

Don’t even dare press that trigger!

Don’t contemplate it.

And don’t succumb to the negative vibes on your head.

Be expressive

Speak out

Help will surely come to you sooner than you think.


May God help us all.


Peace and Love!

Copyright © 2019 by Simple dimple.  All Rights Reserved.




19 thoughts on “How Are You?

  1. I think most of the time we say we’re “fine” because anything less would lead to having to explain ourselves… true friends can tell how we’re doing without a word being spoken…

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  2. Well stated! Some people live behind a facade. Everything facing out looks normal and at peace. Behind the scenes, life may be out of control, face overwhelming circumstances, or anything else that is chipping away at our physical, emotional, and mental strength day-by-day. Many find help through others as well as taking a more active pattern of reading the Bible and prayer. Jesus brings peace and salvation for those who are ready to follow him.


    • Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts. People tend to hide behind a mask to avoid exposing their vulnerability. As a Christian, I channel my frustrations towards God, Lol, by reading His words which soothes and rekindles hope. Of course, reaching out to others for help is wisdom. Have a wonderful weekend. 🙏🏽🙏🏽

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  3. Well said. I have on occasion bumped into people I know who are terminally ill, and who still respond in an automated way, “I’m fine.” when clearly they are not on any level.


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