9 thoughts on “Do You Agree?

  1. I agree. There is a book that contrasts men with women. Many men are like waffles . . . they are able to compartmentalize different tasks. Many women are like spaghetti . . . they seem to have several tasks going at once until they all pile up like a plate of pasta.

    Another analogy shows women wearing many more hats than men.

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  2. Hi – I have seen gutsy before and while on one hand I chuckle and sorta agree – I know too many moody men – and so I think rather than gender it is personality – seriously I know some guys that fit the “women’s day”

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  3. It is hard to make a blanket decision between men and women. The differences are so variable and individual. someone can be more like female emoticons but be male and some more like the male and be female?

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