Do It For You!


It was a cold winter night when darkness has overshadowed light. Serenity was at its peak and the whole house enjoyed a soothing peacefulness.

There was no ambient audible sound and the obvious silence was loud in the room that even the drop of a pin can pierce through the silence.

A cup of tea lay by her bed-side while little Adaeze looked up at her mom.

“Follow your dreams, my dear daughter.” 
“Follow your own path to fulfil your purpose.”

It has become the anthem from her sick mother to always remind her to choose right. She has always wanted Adaeze to study medicine.

Little Adaeze looked into her mother’s tired eyes and said:

“I am going to be a Medical Doctor. I promise you, I will do it for you, Mother.”

Her mother smiled and said weakly, my dear daughter, I’m so proud of you. But do it only because you loved to do it. Do it because it’s your choice. Do it for you and not because of me. Do it because it’s a path you want to follow in life.

Adaeze went ahead and studied Medicine at the University and became a Doctor.

But it was what she loved to be. It was a profession she has always admired as a kid. It was the ideal career for her.

And she was overjoyed that she followed the path she has chosen.

You too can be whatever you choose to be.

You can do it for you too and not because you’ve been pressurized by anyone to follow that path.

Not because your parents insisted you must follow that path.
Not because your mates are doing it so you must join the bandwagon.

Do it because you are passionate about it.
Do it because it’s the right thing for you.
Do it because it will make you fulfil your purpose in life.

Whenever you make a decision, ensure it’s your choice and your own validation.



Peace and Love!

Copyright © 2019 by Simple Dimple.  All Rights Reserved.

13 thoughts on “Do It For You!

  1. This so much relates to the last blog post I wrote. It’s just sad that some parents are not like Adaeze’s mum. They are too forcing and too suggesting. They wouldn’t give you the chance to do it for you. Instead, they would force you to follow a path they’ve created for you – a path you have no interest in.

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