My Beliefs, Values and Attitudes!


I was raised Catholic but converted to Pentecostal when I knew that my parents can no longer influence my decisions regarding the place of worship. I embraced this denomination mainly due to the stimulating, invigorating and melodious tunes by the Praise and Worship ministrations rather than the preaching on the pulpit. And this does not mean that I believe any less. Rather it was an entirely new experience for me and I was enjoying worshipping God in a new way.

I believe organized religion to be the single greatest cause of violence in the history of mankind. There you will find the most dreaded characteristics of the human species. It took me time to begin to re-evaluate the Christian faith. And once I realised that I could also read the “word”, I believed in what the scriptures say rather than what the preacher says. I believe in a higher power, my “Chi” that I call God and with whom I spend quality solitary moments with as we engage in a daughter and father conversations.  I cannot live without prayers. And I declare solemnly that I am spiritual in my own way and will not stand in your way regarding what you believe or reverence. Therefore, it is everyone, to their own beliefs.

I possess a core set of values with humanity at my very heart. I try to be as considerate and respectful to my fellow human as I expect them to be with me. Sometimes my tolerance level might be low, but the appreciation for life and living gives me the realization that there is more to life than treating people horribly.

I wonder how those who mete out jungle justice on their fellow humans feel about the whole inhumane and despicable act. I wonder how people feel when they maltreat other people.  I wonder how the Madam of the house feels when she beats the living daylight out of her domestic help as their stomachs rumble for lack of food for days. And I shudder at the rate of evil that people perpetrate to others in today’s world. Ah! Wickedness has taken the centre stage and many applaud it without remorse.

I will be the first person to stick up for what is right and to lend a helping hand to someone in need. Even though most recently, I’ve tried to harden my heart and learn to say an emphatic ‘NO’ without any sentiments and I feel no guilt with this posture. I took this position when I realised that most people are liars, scammers and come up with bogus stories of acute hardship through emotional blackmail. A trap they use in extracting assistance from people whose milk of benevolence is high on the scale of kindness. I fell for these corrupting guises until the soot fell off my eyes. With that being said, I don’t back down from what I feel is right due to social pressures and I will never compromise who I am because of those pressures. I will still give water to a stranger if need be and share the last food in my pot.

There is a lot of wrong with our society, our communities and our world. Everyone is out to make a difference no doubt and lend a hand for a change. But to make a real difference for the better I think we all have to start with ourselves. Look within our heart, soul and mind to become better people. This will enable us to reach out to those who may need assistance towards a better life for themselves too. And majority possess these skills and are already doing wonders in their respective genres. And hopefully, the world will be painted with more love instead of intense hatred.

My actions are an extension of myself. Though I’m not overly concerned with what people think of me, I am concerned about what I think of myself. I believe that there are many things in life that tantalizes the eyes but only a few of those things will capture the heart. And I urge everyone to pursue those things. I truly believe in making the most out of the time that we have here on earth. Therefore, I grab life and go with it full force as my strength could carry me but in no way will I cut corners to make ends meet.

I am not what I would call a “Social Butterfly”. Rather, I’m an observer. I watch people, their behaviours, actions, and reactions to determine who I want to associate with. There has to be some sort of common ground for my real personality to come out. Not a lot of people really know who I am because I feel it’s not a lot of people’s business to know. I don’t trust easily and I don’t enjoy a crowd that much because I hate excess noise.

However, once I let someone into my life, they stay there for a lifetime. All of my friends are close to my heart and they are people I would trust with my life. God bless them all. I have a very diverse group of friends, oh yes, I do. And they have all found some sort of “click” with my personality accepting me with all my eccentric quirks too. You too can join them but first, we’ve got to click.

I woke up at the wee hours of today to visit the toilet and as always I carry my phone with me everywhere I go no matter where and the time. It’s just what it is and my phone has become my best companion since the emergence of the new digital order. And I spent another one hour scribbling down what the spirit has imprinted in my heart. I once wrote here that my greatest inspiration trickles down once I set my feet in that convenience area. Lol.

Today, Dear friends, at the end of it all, it was a good time spent writing what my Chi deposited inside of me. And these here, are the musings from my heart this beautiful day.


Thank you for reading and have a great start to the weekend.


Peace and Love!

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12 thoughts on “My Beliefs, Values and Attitudes!

  1. So much of this is a mirror of who I am, and for what I stand. Stella, you have a spot-on perspective on both what it takes to truly make a difference in today’s world and in how to deal with those who only want to use others, for their own gain. Keep on with your life plan, and trust your channel to God.

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  2. Lol. I, too, get inspired whenever I’m using the toilet. I mean, it’s there that I wrote more than half of my blog posts.

    I can relate to your personality. You and I are not so different. Although, over time, I’ve hardened my heart to people. They’ve shown me a great deal of suffering, and they’re fond of taking my kindness for weakness. I hope I learn to open my heart again.

    I love that you have a set of values at the core of your heart. I like the principles you live by, and what you stand for. Keep being you. You’re a rare gem.

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    • Awww… Interesting to know we share common traits and sentiments.

      Many people have attested how they are filled with inspirational instincts while in the toilet and under the shower. It’s amazing.

      I think because it’s an alone room, the quiet drowns the outside noise and we could hear our soul speak to us.

      Thanks Obinna for a great feedback. Blessings. 🙏🏽👌😍

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  3. Thanks for sharing many of your inner thoughts. I applaud your decision to pursue a Christian denomination that makes you feel comfortable in reading the Word as well as seeking out opportunities for prayer. May God continue to bless you.

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