Weekend Giggles…!


Communication, as we all know, is key to a functioning relationship. Therefore, to keep that flame burning, one need to constantly check up on their partners, friends or those closest to them. I figured out that a text or a call in the morning from a loved one is as essential as breakfast.

You know how the body craves food in the morning after a long fast or sleep at night, so a loved one needs to hear the voice of their partner. This boosts the feeling frequency for the day. The happiness emotion helps kickstart the day on a good note. Just reading a beautiful message from someone you love makes you giggle like a baby. Isn’t it? Now, this act does not only portray courtesy but it shows care, love, and attention.

I decided to write about this because I checked on a friend yesterday and asked after his partner who is also a friend. He surprised me when he said, “I think she’s fine but I haven’t heard from her today”. And this talk was around lunchtime. And that got me thinking. Except there is a problem, no excuse is good enough. If you haven’t heard from her, wouldn’t you simply put a call across to her?

Tell me, how can you claim to be in a relationship with someone and you wake up in the morning without checking up on the person? I couldn’t wrap my head around the reason (s) that would stop one from reaching out as they wake up.

Could it be pride or ego who should call or text first? 

Reaching out brings you closer and closer each day. It makes you passionate about your partner. Talking, texting, sending each other romantic notes at intervals strengthens the bond and gives reassurance.

Keeping away brings a gap and allows a slack between two people. If it becomes habitual, withdrawal becomes easy without the other noticing. And in the process, someone else might draw his or her attention away from you.

Hold that friend tightly who check up on you every now and again. Don’t ever take it for granted. And if your casual friends communicate better than your partner or your loved one, then what’s the essence of having him or her? Don’t you think that something is wrong?

Those little notes, texts, messages, and calls make the heart flutter. It makes you pine for him or her. Such is the kind good relationships are made of. And as you read this, if you are yet to carry out this act this Saturday morning, I urge you to do so without delay. Leave that post you are scribbling for your WP fans and do the needful.

Have fun speaking with him or her on the telephone even when you are in the living room and she is just next door in the bedroom.  This is a romantic gesture that leads to a burst of beautiful ecstasy. Just do some silly romantic stuff this weekend. And thank me later. Haha.


Most relationships fail because couples dwell on pride more than they work with love.


Have a fun weekend with your loved ones. 



Peace and Love!

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