Good Morning, World!


“There is always something to do. There are hungry people to feed, naked people to clothe, sick people to comfort and make well. And while I don’t expect you to save the world, I do think it’s not asking too much for you to love those with whom you sleep, share the happiness of those whom you call friend, engage those among you who are visionary, and remove from your life those who offer you depression, despair, and disrespect.” – Nikki Giovanni, poet and professor

So, now you know that there is always something to do to make the world a better place. 🙂

Start from your immediate surrounding.

Start with your family.

Look at your extended family members and see where you can render some good help.

And extend the search among your friendships and associations.


God bless your efforts. 🙂



Peace and Love!

Copyright © 2018 by Simpledimple.  All Rights Reserved.

10 thoughts on “Good Morning, World!

      • Oh!! Running to hug you! I’ve been a victim of that old seasonal awakening…first spring, then summer … drawing me far from the keyboard as the daylight hours extend. You will laugh, but this very moment I’ve returned from a evening bicycle workout … sole reason….ICECREAM haha!
        I remember some dessert chats we enjoyed!
        And are you well?? ❤️

        Liked by 1 person

      • Hahaha! Oh yes I remember our ice-cream chats… And to think that I ate a bowl of vanilla ice-cream yesterday when my godson turned 3 years… Lol. Btw, I’ve been on summer vacation with skeletal activities here too… So, it’s good to be back and do some catch up. I always enjoy your choice of words and sweet humour. Hugs right back and plenty of love to you. xx

        Liked by 1 person

      • Isn’t it lovely that we can come and go like shops returning to a familiar harbour, and find the sun still shining from our souls. Hugs and love from afar beautiful soul xo


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