The Full Moon!

It is amazing to look through my window at night just for the sole purpose of looking to the sky to watch the moon. I’ve been on this mode since the moon first appeared like a newborn. I decided to follow its sequence of transformation until it became full.

Wow! It blossomed into a full moon these past few days and it’s been a spectacular sight.  Actually for the first time, I decided to carry out this interesting observation.  Staring at the full moon last night was fun. Indeed, it inspires wonder and gratitude.


moon (2)

*This is an old picture of the full moon that I’ve posted here before*

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Are You Ambitious or Desperate?

There is a tendency to think you are ambitious when you are actually desperate for success; that’s because they are closely related and it’s sometimes difficult to tell which is which between both of them.

Desperation is the state of anxiety wherein you want to make it AT ALL COST. You are only interested in breaking limitations without considering who gets hurt.  Continue reading