Better Late Than Never…!

As the saying goes, it’s better late than never. So this post is late, yes I know, but I decided to hit the publish button after staring at it for a moment.

I stumbled on this billboard right on time as I exited the George Bush Intercontinental Airport (IAH) on July 4th.  I had arrived in Houston, Texas, during a torrent of rain.  Oh wow! What a tiring nearly 10 hours flight from Amsterdam, Schipol Airport.




I didn’t expect that it would rain heavily on this day. Well, I didn’t bother checking out the weather in Houston since it was summer time. But just before the plane touched down, I noticed that it was raining and my demeanour changed.  I had mixed feelings for this sort of rude welcome to the United States. LOL.

Should I feel happy or what? I didn’t know how to react to this outburst by the weather. But two things had happened inadvertently, the rain had hushed the hot temperature. And it has also smeared my trip to Houston in a stylish manner.  Because my host arrived at the airport late and complained of the heavy traffic on the highway.




Regardless, as we drove out of the Airport, I put my camera to use as I began to click on anything that tickled my fancy once the rain subsided.

And then, my eyes sighted this electronic board blinking with glowing words, celebrating the American Independence. And also, stylishly welcoming me to Houston.  And I smiled. 🙂

I was fascinated by the idea of posting the photo on my blog. How wrong? Again, it seems there was a conspiracy against me when the internet connection decided to alter my plans with a sluggish network that took forever to connect.

Behold,  I ran out of patience and turned off the computer.  Exhausted by the long trip.

Here I am now.  It might be late already but here’s saying Happy July 4th  to all my American friends on the blogosphere.

God bless America! 

Today, I will leave Houston to Dallas.

The summer vacation has just begun. Watch out for snippets of my stay in this wonderful world. A break from the Scandinavian summer.


Have a good start to the weekend, Everyone!


Peace and Love!

Copyright © 2018 by Simpledimple.  All Rights Reserved.

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