Nigeria Is In Acute Pain…!

We lit candles every day for lost souls 
‘Cos a mournful dirge is on replay at the background
Vibrating with the requiem that buried our ancestors
Cries of woes float in the air
As the deafening echoes of death 
Drown the great bell at the citadel of miracles
Oh, ye gods
Our land is in dire need of a drastic surgery 
To expunge these cankerous beasts 
The days of slushy drivelling are past
Call not upon the heavens no more
For we bring this curse upon our land
Betrayed by the brutality of a monstrous tyranny 
Our familial landscape wallow in a fetid sea of misdeed 
Look, the mangled bodies of our brothers
The charred remains of our sisters
Look, our children hacked to death
Charred mangled bodies of our parents
The gory sights of charred mangled remains of our kinfolks
Litter in all the nooks and crannies of Nig and Eria
The sacred land is desecrated 
The ground is swollen and engorged to a bursting point
Ouch, the pains are inconsolable 
The recurring elegies are sorrowful 
These besetting nightmares in our land are traumatizing
Pungent, bitter, awful, 
No, this bloodbath tastes horrible and sickening
Ah, when will this lamentation end?
When will this insidious erosion of humanity stop?
When will Human blood cease to flow daily?
This tale of anguish is far from soothing 
The earth is grief-stricken
Her feeble body weep for her suckled offspring
Cut down in their primes by a putrid legacy



PS: Nigeria has recorded a humongous rate of death in this month of June. Yesterday, a tanker carrying petrol exploded and there was a raging inferno with about 30 cars burnt to ashes… The number of casualties cannot be ascertained yet. Charred and mangled bodies of the dead littered on the highway where this avoidable calamity happened. I couldn’t sleep last night due to the gory videos that circulated social media last night.

This poem is borne out of my low energy this morning.  My only means of venting my anger.


Peace and Love!

Copyright © 2018 by Simpledimple.  All Rights Reserved.

19 thoughts on “Nigeria Is In Acute Pain…!

  1. My dear, I can only relate to your pain and that of others who have lost loved ones in the recent happenings in Nigeria. We need to get this (country) right in this generation.


  2. Thank you, Stella, for expressing your anger at injustice and tyranny. I stand for justice in Nigeria and all over the world. There seems to be so much fear in the world. I believe we must speak out and treat everyone we meet with dignity even when we don’t like what they do or believe. I am deeply troubled by the continued injustice against indigenous people in my country. I am scared by all the viciousness being spoken in my neighbouring country the USA. What gives me hope is there are good people in every part of the world risking their lives to make their communities safer. Good people like you. Blessings Roland


    • Thank you very much, Roland. The least any of us can do for humanity is to have empathy at our core and show compassion… God bless you for all that you do too. 🙏🏽🙏🏽


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  4. I hope for the best in Nigeria. It hurts to see innocence torn away from good people for the gain of evil thoughts. I read this post a few days ago and finally decided to comment, partly because I love your blog, but also my sister went to high school in Jos, Nigeria many years ago when my parents worked in a hospital in eastern Cameroun.

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    • This resonates with you. It’s nice that you decided to leave a comment. Yes, that same Jos where your sister studied is embroiled in a messy conflict. Plateau State has been under a siege of late and it’s getting worse. Nigeria as a whole!

      Where are you from? And you lived in Cameroon too? Thank you for taking the time to come back to give this feedback. Deeply appreciated. 👌 🙂

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      • Oh great! Are you African American? Just why your sister had to study in Nigeria instead of Cameroon where your parents were based. But for the love of an International education, I came to Denmark for studies, completed it and stayed back.

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      • No, just a white American. 🙂 My dad administrated a small bush hospital and my mom traveled with the doctors, helping as she could. It was for the Lutheran missions. The school for the children was in Jos. I flew out for a two month visit while they were there. Cameroon has a pretty rough time too. Though a beautiful country. I hope the world will heal someday. I know it sounds idealistic. But that’s how it begins.

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      • Wow! This is interesting. And must have been quite an experience for your family. Jos has a cool weather and not as hot as the rest of the country. Sadly, there’s a siege in that part now.

        Thank you again for sharing your story with me. I appreciate. 🙏🏽😍


  5. So much pain and anguish in this poem. It is a horrible situation there and I hope and pray the death and destruction stops soon. I also hope writing some of the pain out helped you a little. (((HUGS)))

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