Remembering June 2, With Nolstagia!

I was raised by a loving father who loved people. I was raised by a father that gave so much to his community.

My father was a man of few words but spoke plain wisdom. He laughed always and there was never any dull moment with him. He cared genuinely for others and wouldn’t deliberately hurt anyone.

I can’t begin to tell you how many people he paid their school fees and tuition. He gave from the little he earned. He was a man who believed that education is key to personal growth and development in Nigeria. Therefore, he tried to assist those who seek his help regarding their educational goals. He was a man I admired profoundly for his kind gestures and credible actions for humanity.

My father believed in empowering people. I followed his life philosophy and picked up his grit and compassion for humanity. He gave of himself without asking for anything back and I picked that from him too. He welcomed people into our home and will share his meal with anyone who says they were hungry. I picked that up too, I can’t stand where people are hungry. I’d feed the whole world if I have the means to do so without crying tired, literally.

I am my father’s daughter. I too have a soft heart. By nature, I am passionate about people. I care about people. I help people because my father raised me to value everyone and to never look down on anyone.

Your death defined my life in so many ways, as I grew up without you. There are days that I miss you sorely. Days that I ache for you and wished that you were still alive. And today is another significant day where I wake up and that fact is still real. The fact that you are still dead.

You were my loving father but I refuse to feel emptiness and loss today. I refuse to cry even though I miss you as deeply as ever, as deeply as I always will. Though many years have elapsed, it still feels like yesterday. The tears may have dried, the pain subdued, but the sweet memory of you will forever linger on and on and on in our hearts.

Death wasn’t kind. It snatched where it could, taking people who we love so dearly. Death wasn’t kind. It cuts so deeply. Taking people far too soon from their families. Death wasn’t kind. It comes stealthily, stealing the precious of our hearts. Death wasn’t kind. Taking people who are too good, too nice and too loving away from the face of the earth.

Death wasn’t kind. It took my dearest Papa away at a time when I needed him most in my life.

Today, I miss the man I called ‘Papa’.

I miss you today Dear father.

Continue to sleep in the bosom of the Lord.
Continue to rest in peace.


PS: Did a post here last year and culled a few words into today’s post.


Peace and Love!

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