A Slither Of HOPE:

Life is about seasons.

Sometimes, the seasons of our lives are decorated in fine linens and laced with delectable sweeteners. Other times, the season brings us nothing but grief and pain. We look at ourselves and believe that the world is coming to an end. Such moments are riddled with varying negative thoughts that overwhelm our spirits and thought lines. And you begin to ask yourself rhetorical questions – Why me? Oh God, why me?

Why who? 
Why not YOU?

Yes, it could be YOU or ME.

Bad times are not peculiar to you alone. It’s a shared human experience. Bad times visits us all when they choose to and often times, we don’t have control over these happenings. Everyone has a fair share of such depleting periods when they want to give up on life. However, always remember that bad seasons are only a phase and don’t last forever. So the best we can do is to get up, dust ourselves up, and look beyond the present predicament. Regardless, life is progressive so we must move on.

There are times when relationships end. Marriages end. Relationships with childhood friends, best friends, colleagues’ et al. These often leave us asking questions, why? The only option will be to pick up the pieces of our lives and rebuild it. Always, we then turn to family and friends to console us; to provide us with solutions, as we seek advice and messages of hope.

We feel demoralized, disheartened and undervalued. And we begin to ask if these people can be replaced or if we’d find love again. Or if we’d find such special friends again. We wonder if anyone will ever love us again or value our qualities, quirks and specialness.

I bring you good news today. Of course, YES. You will find love again. And yes, there are people who will accept you with all your flaws and quirkiness. And life will become rosy again.

It’s freaking hard to extricate oneself from emotional attachments especially from failed relationships. Oh yes, you can’t miss what you don’t have and this makes it hard to move on. But you’ve got to push yourself every day to move forward. The earlier you accept that it’s over, the better for your life. The earlier you pick up your broken pieces, the better for you. The earlier you understand that you can’t keep mourning someone who made an intentional decision to hurt you and cause you emotional pain, the better you will become.

Why would anyone choose to hurt those who love them? Why would anyone decide to end a relationship? Sometimes there are no adequate reasons or explanations for these throbbing questions. Life happens and love turns to hate. Life happens and laughter ceases and sorrow sets in. Life happens and suddenly the centre can no longer hold. But does it mean you have to commit suicide? Capital NO.

Life must not end due to disappointments. Life must not end due to a bad experience. 

Why would you make yourself miserable for such a long time, holding on to past memories? You must accept in the end of something to begin something new.

You need the wisdom to know when to wipe those tears and move forward. Move on.

Begin to March forward. Look up and see the slither of hope in the morning dues. Look up and breathe peace into your soul. You are much more than your pain and hurt. Begin your journey back to reality and see a breather in the morning sun which leaves us with hope and assurances.

Peace and Love!

Copyright © 2018 by Simpledimple.  All Rights Reserved.

7 thoughts on “A Slither Of HOPE:

  1. This is so inspiring! Several of my friends are going through times of loneliness, and I tell them they don’t have to feel that way. They have people all around them but they have to make the effort to be happy. It won’t come knocking on your doorstep. We can’t complain about things that we can change.

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