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trees 2


trees 3


My Photo Of The Day – Today it’s about the trees in Atlanta, Georgia. Oh wow!

It’s interesting to see a city surrounded by so many trees. I mean huge trees. No wonder it is known as the “city in a forest”.  Approximately 36% of the city is covered in trees and that makes Atlanta more densely forested than other cities in the United States.

Nonetheless, I enjoyed my visit to “The Peach State” as Georgia is also called. A name derived due to the high quality and nutritious peaches that are grown in the State.

I tell you, just like humans who have distinct characteristics so are our cities and environs too. Each cityscape is different from the other. Each has its fascinating attributes that distinguishes it from the next city or state.

The hallmark of any particular cityscape is a beauty to behold if we are patient to look intently and closely.


Peace and Love!

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