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*Dallas Texas*




tree 3

*Dallas Texas*





*Nashville, TN*





*Washington DC*



My Photo Of The Day –  There is a world of difference between the traffic lights in Denmark (Europe) compared with the traffic lights in the USA.

I found the traffic lights in the USA very different and most of the lights are outdated and very old, with a complex network of intersections.

Cities like Nashville, TN and Washington DC, in my opinion, have broken and old network of traffic signals in some areas.  I think some of them have passed their expiration dates and need urgent replacement.

But what do I know? The transport authorities or city council should push for an upgrade of these obsolete social infrastructures.


Peace and Love!

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11 thoughts on “Photo Of The Day!

    • Haha. Your comment elicited some good laugh. Thanks. It’s not only in Malaysia. There are places in Denmark where we experience a longer stay at the traffic light. I think it depends on how busy and the road network of such areas. Have a wonderful day and thanks for a great feedback. 🙂


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