The Daily Prompt – Evoke!



Let’s take a look at the meaning of yellow flowers.

It is said that Yellow flowers burst with happiness. And symbolizes the bonds of friendship. Wow! Now, you know the reason why I am sending this to you today.

To keep you informed that you and I by being friends on this platform, should endeavour to keep the bonds of our friendship and association aflame. We can do this by our compassion and empathy instead of being apathetic and indifferent.

Yellow symbolizes the taste of success and pride.

Joy is also one of the meanings of this flower, as that is one of the feelings the colour tries to evoke.

Does the sight of this flower evoke any pleasant memories to you? Does it stimulate your thoughts in any way?

I look forward to hearing from you.



Submitted to the Daily Prompt    Evoke.


Peace and Love!

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20 thoughts on “The Daily Prompt – Evoke!

  1. In school while walking with a friend of mine.. he would just pluck one and give to any girl he sees on the road, and he’d be like ‘have a nice day girl’.. trust me.. he got a lot of crushes and friends in school.

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    • Change is the only constant thing. Seasons come and seasons go. But come to think of it… The thought of spring is soothing to my ears. I mean any thing to ease of this freezing cold weather here is highly welcome. Thank you so much for your feedback. Have an amazing weekend. ❤

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  2. Hey friend! Living in Hawaii makes not only the color of the flower but the type of flower so special to me. I may not live here forever. But, I will always have sweet memories of the Hibiscus flower! And, now when I see a yellow one, I will think of you 🙂

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