Christmas Is In The Air!


It’s near freezing point here. The trees are bare, shivering in response to the cold air. There is no sight of the angelic whiteness of the snow but I hope it surfaces to bless us with a white Christmas. The cityscape of most cities is agog with sparkling decorations. This Christmas facade has been an age long yearly tradition. And here I am, hitting the keypad and with every stroke of the key, I hum a familiar Christmas melody.

Just yesterday, I intentionally went downtown to people watch. I enjoy this activity as I stare at faces. And each person usually has a different demeanour, a characteristic of the divergent posture of humanity.

So, as I sauntered leisurely weaving my way through the large crowd at the mall and at the train/bus stations, only one thing was sure. Only one thing came to my mind. It’s Christmas time again! 🙂

And I see faces brighten up because there is a compelling joy in the air. An encompassing joy that pushes sadness away.
I see people doing the last minute shopping.
I hear you giving last-minute instructions to members of your household as you hurry out of the house.
What a spectacle to behold this season? It’s a time for warm kisses and honest hugs.

At the train station, I see many people pulling their heavy suitcases, adjusting their back-packs, and walking briskly to catch the train to their various destinations.
While others are welcoming back their children, spouses, and various members of their extended families.
Yet, I see some other people driving, humming songs of gratitude, feeling happy to reunite with loved ones.
‘This is the time to return home to the family’, he said, again and again, beaming with good cheer.

As I turned sideways, I caught her eyes. She looked forlorn and teary, tangled in confusion. She tucked herself away from the crowd with a pensive persona that speaks in silence. She stared in bewilderment and appear utterly baffled. What’s running through her mind? My intuitive sagacity strived to reach out to her and just then, she bowed her head in total submission to her fate as she moved forward. I will not forget the inexpressible pathos of her mood and manner. A painful mood in this festive season.

I crossed over to the other side and everywhere I go, I hear music wafting across the air with songs, admonishing the season of the great banquet. And people singing along and nodding to the melodious vibes of the festive season.

The world is ready again for the great feast. What a beautiful time to be cheerful and happy because it’s the Lord’s birthday in just two days.
Yeah! Didn’t you know it?
That this season is because of HIM.
My Redeemer. My Shepherd.
The Prince of Peace. His name is Jesus Christ. 🙂


Peace and Love!

Copyright © 2017 by Simpledimple.  All Rights Reserved.


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