The Daily Prompt – Proxy!

The word proxy can be seen from different perspectives.

People use proxies for different reasons, good or bad.  For example, one can appoint a proxy to sign a document on their behalf.  During summer times or vacation periods, many people act as proxies for their colleagues or other employees.

The dictionary defines proxy as the authority to represent someone else, especially in voting. In other words, a proxy is a person authorized to act on behalf of another.  A proxy could also mean the written authorization to act for another. 

In most marriages, couples appoint their spouses to act as a proxy for them, which means that they have the authority to sign documents on their behalf.

Proxies are used for organized crime syndicates and even in the world of social media. It is a known fact that Facebook is besieged by scammers and hackers who open multiple proxy accounts which they use to engage in criminal activities. These are disguised accounts using fake profiles. With such proxy accounts, it becomes quite difficult to track their nefarious activities down.

And for most corporate organizations, the use of a proxy is common during shareholders’ meetings or at Annual General Meetings.


Submitted for the Daily Prompt – Proxy.

Peace and Love!

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