Devotional Nuggets – #85



Have you been waiting on God for a long time and it seems like He has deserted you? Well, Dear Friend. Don’t despair and don’t give up now.  Because delay is not denial.

I pray that a shift is coming in your life. Whatever you’ve been praying for is very possible – Is it a shift in your health, a shift in your finances, a shift in your career, or a shift in your relationship? I tell you, all these and even much more are possible by HIS grace. Just key into His words.

It may not look like anything is happening in the physical, but we serve a supernatural God.  And He is about to breathe in your direction in a new way.

May God’s favour be released upon your life as you begin to experience HIS awesome powers.

Remain steadfast in prayers and stay blessed. 🙂



Peace and Love!

Copyright © 2017 by Simpledimple.  All Rights Reserved.

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