The Daily Prompt – Identity!

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This is the traditional attire worn during ceremonies like traditional marriages, burials and other cultural activities of my people.  


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Here’s to our cultural heritage

Our tradition

The Akwa Ocha (white cloth)

And the Ewulu (red bead)

The culture of a people

Our heritage

Our identity

My identity



Submitted for the Daily Prompt – Identity.

Peace and Love!

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27 thoughts on “The Daily Prompt – Identity!

  1. This is so beautiful, both your verse and the picture.
    I can hear your pride in your heritage and love the smile and the colours worn by the young woman.
    Nigeria to Denmark. Quite a long way and culture difference. You seem to thrive though.😊 .

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    • Thank you so much. It’s so true that I can’t sell my birthright. I love my heritage. I love my culture and I take pride in declaring and showcasing it here. I can’t wait to travel home and do some photo shoots with our traditional and cultural outfits. It’s a very rich culture and I’d want to display it for the world to see in my own little way. Living in Europe and my travels has shown the richness in other cultures. It’s an amazing experience and I’m still exploring. One of the culture shocks that I’ve overcome in Europe is the weather. It was a whole different experience that almost snuffed life out of me on arrival here. Haha. 🙂 🙂

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