Learning Styles…!



Learning style differs from person to person. The ability to understand and comprehend things are peculiar among individuals.  Some are slow while others are quick in learning, grasping lectures and teachings.

Every individual is unique and has a unique learning ability.  Ability, however, is the means to do something, knowing that I can do it; while style is telling me how I do it.  I believe we all learn in multiple ways.  Take driving for example, who learns how to drive based on theory alone?  The practical is as important as the theoretical part.

According to the Dictionary meaning (Dictionary.com), learning style is an individual’s mode of gaining knowledge, especially a preferred or best method.  It is an individual’s unique approach to learning based on strengths, weakness and preference.

My Learning Styles:

Auditory Style:  I best understand through listening and speaking. For example, lectures, group discussions and seminars.

Visual Style:  Maps, diagrams and charts clarify things for me.

Read and Write Style:  I learn through reading and writing. I am a copious note taker or the avid reader.  Here, I find the ability to interpret abstracts, ideas and principles for better clarity.

I embrace the combination style because I see myself torn between these different learning styles.  I adopt each method based on what I have to learn or re-learn. It depends on the specific interest and skill acquisition. And I think that my learning style changes according to my preferred goal (s).  If I am to learn or study a theoretical approach of anything, the reading style works best for me.  Because all I need to do is pick up the textbook or engage in e-reading.  As I read, I take down notes of vital points which later become useful tools and sources for me.

I adopt the visual style of learning for more practical things like cooking, baking and other crafts.  I love to stand by the side and watch how a particular banana cake or a chocolate cake is mixed, baked and decorated.  For a crafts subjects, I love to see in order to learn better.  I have come to realise that my ability to bake good cakes, cookies or bread was because I watched someone doing it. I make use of videos no doubt but I like seeing the act live.  I could read and understand the measurement scale but watching the practical and performing it was more rewarding for me.

During my Geography class where I was to learn the Geography of Nigeria, the most effective way to teach me was with the aid of a map rather than doing a verbal description.  So I think visual learning is important to me (learning by seeing).  In my language lessons, I learn faster with the aid of visuals projecting sounds with the mouth and tongue.  I prefer a teacher to add visual components to lectures via the use of graphs, charts and signs.

Another good case to cite is with the Blogging 101 courses. I can’t imagine understanding the art of customizing my blog by merely reading a book. I would totally be confused and even lost. But WordPress made it easier for me through the different methods adopted.  Their teaching method gave me a better understanding of what needs to be done and how to do it.

I think it comprises more than one learning styles.  There are the conventional reading and writing style, the collaborative or group learning style (engaging with other Bloggers), the visual learning style. I’ve been able to use the visual method in customizing my Blog Theme and Widgets through the use of images, videos and diagrams. This gives a deeper explanation which suits me well. I have learned through group work, engaging with other bloggers by reading and commenting on their works.

All these learning styles are handy in honing my blogging skills. And the learning through reading still come tops.

What is your learning style?

What style works best for you?

Do you adopt all or some of the above learning styles?

Thank you for sharing your experience and preferred learning style with me.

This piece was first posted here in January 2016. It was in response to – Daily Prompt: Learning Styles, Blogging 101.


Peace and Love!

Copyright © 2016 by Simpledimple.  All Rights Reserved.

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