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In a real-life scenario, this ain’t funny but I think it shows the guy is damn smart. 

Do you think he will be hired for the job?

Kindly share your opinion. 



Peace and Love!

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33 thoughts on “Humour…

  1. How interesting! I’m torn, but I think I would keep looking. While his experience is desirable, it comes down to a trust thing with me. The applicant would have been better to show those skills during the interview, I think. But ….keep your enemies closer and all that.. nice post!

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  2. Whether humour, movie or reality, it is really serious LOL.

    It is a crime to do that. For him to do that means he is qualified for the job.

    Weighing the options is difficult.

    Personally, I will employ him but must sign an undertaken of trust in case he hacks again.

    Very funny scenario. Really funny.

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    • Haha. I’m surprised that on FB where this was posted, many people affirmed they will employ him. Hmmn. Really complex. He needs to sign an undertaking of good conduct and loyalty… 🙂


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