It’s A Cake Evening…!

cake (3)

*Strawberry Cake*




*Vanilla cake*


It’s been a cake evening here in my corner of the world.

Done baking these cakes as a gift to a friend who’s celebrating her birthday tomorrow. I don’t know about cake decorations. Well, I haven’t really had the time to practice it well so she will handle the little decorations as she wants it.

I’ve done my part to do the baking. I hope to get back here with the photos of the decorations if it turns out good tomorrow.

How are you spending your Friday evening/night?


Peace and Love!

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16 thoughts on “It’s A Cake Evening…!

  1. No cake for my birthday this year. Though I did have some ice cream and that raised my blood sugars super high and it took extra insulin to finally bring them back down. I think I am better off without the cake darn it. I love vanilla cake and vanilla whipped cream icing.

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