Some Things Are Hard To Tame…!

The most evidential thing I’ve learned in life is that some things cannot be tamed no matter how hard we try.  But of course, there are exceptions…!


Can we truly tame how we handle love matters? 

Or our reactions during moments of anger?

Are you able to tame your fierce temper since all these years, knowing it brings you nothing but regrets?

Can Nature’s fiery temper be stopped or tamed?

Have you tried to tame your tongue to not utter too much when you ought to stay quiet or say little?

Have you tamed yourself not to interrupt others while they are still talking?

Are you able to tame your insatiable lust for shopping?

Have you tamed your big appetite for sweets and sugary foods?

Are you able to tame your excessive urge for smoking 

Or the extreme cravings for liquor?

Have you tamed your Spendthrift nature?



Can you answer any of these questions if you’ve ever had to deal with such situations in your life?


Thank you for reading. 🙂




Submitted for the Daily Prompt – Tame.

Peace and Love!

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12 thoughts on “Some Things Are Hard To Tame…!

  1. This post is especially relevant to myself it’s almost scary! I do not handle love matters well, when I’m angry I speak with my emotions rather than rationale, I spend too much, smoke too much.. it’s all too accurate! I’m still learning how to tame myself whilst somehow letting others do it for me.

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    • I can understand how you feel. There are some habits and lifestyles that take a longer time to tame. It’s not so easy to quit smoking or curtailing excessive spending. It actually takes a great deal of discipline to make that decision and stand by it.

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  2. Nice post, I think we can certainly tame ourselves over time, something take longer to tame within us and some not so long. The more we tame ourself, the less others annoy us i feel.. or I have seen in my life.

    Great post and inspiring to get on taming more of me.

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  3. You are speaking of self control. I tamed my temptations to the point where I numbly observe life developing before my eyes. I somehow can’t tame my urge for nicotine. Very good post Sergeant Stella. You pose deep questions that most struggle to answer. Keep writing these sort of posts.

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