Today Is World’s Teachers Day!

The day appreciates the role of teacher’s in nation building and they are worth celebrating. And to add to this teaching profession are the great mentors/coaches in our world who in a way, are also teachers because they teach, inspire, motivate and empower others to embrace the life they desire and want.

Now, you want to ask this question: Who is a TEACHER?

The teaching profession is not an easy terrain. It is one of the most challenging jobs because it demands a huge responsibility, discipline, dedication, and great enthusiasm to excel in this field. In other words, to be a good teacher, one must love the job and be passionate about it.

A teacher must possess some virtues and values which they inculcate to the child even from the kindergarten level. A teacher must be calm and patient. A teacher must be confident to impart confidence into the child to study and believe that they CAN DO THAT THING. A teacher is an encourager who encourages the student with their ability to pacify and with the power of explanations.

A Teacher is a molder. How does he/she do this?  They mold the child’s character, beliefs, shape their opinions about certain subjects, and help sharpen some great minds until those ‘students’ become trailblazers in the society. A good teacher is a great motivator to the child.

Teachers are no doubt part of the important and integral part of a child’s growth and development. They are life changing people in a child’s life besides their parents and sometimes in some cases the most important influencers of the child. Because some parents do not impart good morals to their kids and they leave everything in the hands of the teachers.

I call teachers the real architects of the world because of their astounding influence on the child. They are the ones who begin to inculcate ideas into the child at an early stage and help to shape their minds. Teachers help shape the minds that build the world. Isn’t that correct?

I believe that Teachers have gold in their hands. And this gold is called teaching. I say this emphatically because most of the successful people in the corporate ladders today passed through teachers in their various educational institutes. The skills and knowledge they acquired have helped shape their thought process. And today, because they applied these educations, the principles from their mentors, together with their personal competencies and skills, they have become world-changers in their various spheres of influence.

Thus, I’d conclude that it takes a brilliant teacher to produce a brilliant student. It takes a great teacher and mentor to motivate a willing student to embrace their fears and excel in their chosen career paths. Show me a great teacher and I will show you a great student.

To all the teachers who have helped to raise great men and women in our Nations today. 
To all the teachers who are contributing to raising the future citizens of the world. 
To all the teachers who taught the great professionals and policymakers in the different sectors of the society – Doctors, Lawyers, Nurses, Writers, Actors, Military officers, etcetera.

We say thank you for all that you do. You do so much and deserve to be acknowledged and appreciated.

Happy Teacher’s Day to all the wonderful teachers of the world.


PS: This post is an after-thought. The earlier post I made was a repost of last year.  I wanted to elaborate on the theme of the Teachers Day!


Peace and Love!

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