The Daily Prompt – Fashionable!

The concept of being stylish and fashionable is relative. I love looking good. But certainly not overtly flamboyant.  I love fashion but will not splurge a huge amount just so I will be termed fashionable. Nope. I don’t follow fashion blindly. All I crave for is to look good, dress well and proper and I can achieve that by buying affordable fashion items of clothing. 

Nonetheless, I admire those who are quite fashionable. Those who know how to combine their clothes and come out looking fabulous. I think it is insane to indulge in excessive spending on fashionable trends without having any investment plans.

Sadly, there are people who engage in such ostentations lifestyle without having any savings for the future. They soon begin to realize that acquisition of such exorbitant taste for material things is not the best policy in life. One can still follow trends and appear very trendy with little cash. All it takes is discipline and knowing when or where to shop for stuff.

My motto is – look good but be prudent in spending. Obviously, you don’t need to rob a bank to appear fashionable.


In response to the Daily Prompt – Fashionable.


Peace and Love!

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