The Month Of October!

The month of October is upon us and we welcome it with open arms. October, as we all know, is the tenth month of the year, in the Gregorian Calendars. October is associated with the colours, orange and brown because it is related with the Autumn.

The Month of October signifies different things to people. To some, it is their birth month. To some, it is a month of anniversaries as they celebrate and commemorate different chapters of their lives. Several holidays are held in October. Most European Schools, go on a one-week break during this month, known as the Autumn break. 

For me, October is the month when the season of Fall comes into full swing. The Fall season is the period between summer and winter. Fall is known also as Autumn. This is a beautiful season that has a tingle of crispness in the weather. You feel the slap of the cold air as you step out in the day. It heralds the winter season when the weather becomes colder and everything begins to experience a taciturnity around them.

Autumn is my second-best season after the summer. I am particularly at my best mode during these two seasons. For summer, I love the light and the shine and the beauty that goes with the day. You know, that sparkling summery attitude that everyone adorns is simply infectious and you cannot go wrong with it. I enjoy all the perks of summer times and would have asked it to stay longer if it’s within my powers. But no, nature cannot be shortchanged.

The fall season is colourful. From the crisp weather to the vivid burst of colours on the trees. It’s always picturesque and gorgeous to behold the hues of colours on the leaves. And the glow in the environment. This is the season when the wind gets breezy, harsher and howling.  The air gets cooler with a tincture of earthiness. The day becomes shorter as the lights begin to go dim earlier. Which means that we get into early evenings as it gets dark even as early as 3 p.m. Oh wow! No one likes this period of the season. The Day crawls into darkness and this becomes thicker in the winter months of November and December.

And there are other reasons why this month is special. This month of October is also the season of Halloween. Oh yes, did that give you a scare? It’s all fun with Halloween and the candies you get to eat within this month. Nevermind the scary look from the masked faces of your friends and neighbours. It’s the spirit of the season.

And October is the Awareness Month for breast cancer and domestic violence. Need I elaborate on this? This is an annual campaign to raise awareness of breast cancer risks, the value of screening and early detection. Also, there are the treatment options available to women and men who are diagnosed with one of the many forms of breast cancer.

The zodiac signs for October is Libra (September 23-October 22) and Scorpio (October 23-November 21). While the birth flower is the calendula and the birthstone is tourmaline and opal. And there are many other reasons that make the Month of October special.

I hope you will enjoy this month and continue to work hard towards your visions and goals. You can still achieve success before the year ends if you begin today to articulate those dreams.

Peace and Love!

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